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Elaine Padgett is a parent, entrepreneur, community leader and long-time resident of Forsyth County. Elaine's three children attend or have attended Forsyth County Schools through-out their academic careers. Elaine has been involved in the education of her children and has been a leader and volunteer in many school and community organizations. As a businesswoman, Elaine co-founded, built and sold two successful global technology businesses.   

Elaine Padgett is running for the Board of Education because she is passionate about the public school system and believes that the success of our community is based upon the success of the public education system. Elaine will fight to keep our Forsyth County public schools great by ensuring that our schools are innovative and forward-thinking. 

19 years ago, Elaine moved to Forsyth County because of the great school system. The most impressive part of this system was the level of support that parents gave to the educators and how collaboration between parents and educators. Over the past year, the board of education meetings have become more politicized. Parent involvement is a critical component of a student’s education. However, when making decisions that will affect all students, the community must come together in a civil discussion where all voices in this very diverse community that we live in are heard and respected. These discussions need to bring parents, educational professionals and students together for the common goals of maximizing the success of our students and making sure that all of our students feel safe and supported.


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Election Day

November 8, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Elaine Padgett for Forsyth County
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