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Elaine receives Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

I’m proud to receive the 2022 Gun Sense Candidate distinction from Moms Demand Action. As a parent, school safety is one of my biggest concerns and to address the epidemic of school shootings we need to more than words, we need action! Law Enforcement is part of the solution, and we have great law enforcement officers in our county that work hard to keep our schools safe. However, our safety plans must go beyond just law enforcement and school hardening. A comprehensive safety plan also requires parents, teachers, students and the community to be involved and to take action in order to help prevent tragedy.


Moms Demand Action is all about action! Moms Demand Action is a powerful advocate for common-sense solutions to reduce the epidemic of gun violence in our schools. Moms Demand Action promotes research-backed solutions that identify at-risk students earlier, addresses student access to guns as part of any intervention plan and promotes investment in school-based mental health services.


As your representative, I will work with our local law enforcement, business & community leaders, parents, students, school administration and staff, other BOE members and groups like Moms Demand Action in order to regularly review and improve our comprehensive community-based school safety plans.
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Elaine Padgett for Forsyth County
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