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Fiscally Conservative Milkshakes

What does being a Fiscal Conservative have to do with Milkshakes? Great question.

Neither my husband nor I are from wealthy families, and we started our journey together in debt. However, the driving force we had in common was that we are both ambitious, serial entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, my husband and I started several businesses. I juggled working as a nurse, studying for an MBA at night, managing our company finances, and motherhood. It was a lot! Our success allowed us to sell our companies and retire at 50, and I credit much of our success to a frugal mindset.

Being Fiscal Conservatives, we ran our businesses DEBT-FREE and invested our profits back into our companies to continue their growth. Even during lean times, we paid all bills on time and put our Employees and Vendors FIRST. Over our 25 years in business, our companies never had a lawsuit, unpaid bill, or even a complaint filed against them. Integrity matters! Reputation matters! These are important lessons I pass on to our 3 children.

This mindset is who I am. I still clip coupons and annoy my kids with my eye for bargains. I don’t throw things out that still have a possible use. Our kids get spending money from jobs, not allowances. This mindset and lifestyle have not been the easiest for my children, but they are learning the principles of work, integrity, and the value of money.

This is where Milkshakes come in.

The one splurge that we have in our household is for our favorite treat—Milkshakes. Do well at dance practice? You get a Milkshake. Study and score well on the Spanish Exam? You get a Milkshake. Did you finish your Robotic team program or get a hit in your baseball game, you guessed it. A Milkshake.

I’m Elaine Padgett and I’m running for the Forsyth County Board of Education in District 5.

I will use my 25 years of Business experience and my Fiscally Conservative mindset to wring the most value out of our tax dollars. It’s what I do and how I live.

I hope I can count on your Vote on November 8 or during Early Voting. EVERY SINGLE VOTE Matters!

Lastly, if elected, don’t be surprised if a few of the future BOE award ceremonies include a few Milkshakes. My treat of course!

Elaine Padgett for Forsyth County
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