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Why Is Forsyth County The Fastest Growing County In Georgia?

Why Is Forsyth County The Fastest Growing County In Georgia?

The top reason cited is our great schools and forward-thinking educational leadership. Everyone in our community benefits from our public schools, whether you have children in the school system or not. Great schools attract new residents and businesses which grow our economy. How do we protect our school system’s reputation for excellence while continuously improving?

I'm Elaine Padgett and I'm running for the Board of Education in Forsyth County. I'm a successful entrepreneur and I am the parent of 3 children that I raised in FoCo. I moved my family to Forsyth County 19 years ago because of the great school system and I will fight to keep our schools great.

As your representative, I will prioritize:
• Educational Standards- Keep educational standards high for ALL students
• Individual Needs - Ensure that each student has the resources they need to succeed
• School Safety- Work with key partners and law enforcement to ensure that our schools are safe and safety protocols are followed
• Diversity - Support programs that help our kids to foster empathy and embrace diversity
• Staffing - Maintain competitive benefits and salaries to recruit and retain the best teachers and support staff
• Accreditation - Protect the international educational accreditation of our schools
• Community Partnership - Work with parents to define and maintain community standards
• Pathways -Provide skills and opportunities to all students regardless of their chosen career path

The reputation of our schools is critical to the success of our economy. Help me to keep our schools moving forward and continuously improving. Here are ways that you can help:

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Elaine Padgett for Forsyth County
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